Amcolu was established in 2012. Having rich of experience working with foreign customers who have different needs and demands depend on their business culture, we know how hard and frustrated to work when the supplier and buyer do not understand each other, we are well aware and prepare to give the best tailor made service for their demand and be their best supplier in China. Our philosophy is working closely with customers to satisfy with their requirements. We are very dedicated in developing new products, making quality goods, offering excellent service and keeping good supplier chains. Amcolu has the widest selection, quality products, competitive pricing, humanity service and solutions to suit your needs and budget.

Mission statement

Our mission to supply, deliver and satisfy our customers with the price, quality, and professional service that they looking for.


Vision statement

To be a leading supplier of fashion industry and make a difference and an impact in local and global fashion with trust, honesty and integrity, make a contribution to humanity helping to protect and perceive local and global wild life, nature and environment for our future generation.